Best Carpet Cleaning Company

To prevent premature wear a periodic & thorough professional cleaning is recommended by the majority of carpet manufacturers to keep their carpets looking good to prevent an ultimately costly replacement. Feel Fresh Cleaning Services provide a professional carpet cleaning service that gets deep down into the pile, removing dirt, grit and bacteria which routine vacuuming and sweeping cannot reach, keeping your carpets in tip top condition and giving your home the finishing touch it deserves. Feel Fresh Cleaning Services use the best carpet cleansing equipment and solutions to flush the dirt and pollutants from the fibres, leaving carpets clean and fresh within hours.

Why should I have my carpets cleaned?

Health – a variety of health problems inside the home or work place can be caused by carpets and fabrics not being cleaned and properly maintained.
Life of your carpet – having your carpets correctly cleaned can be greatly extended by simple routine professional steam cleaning. Carpets are expensive to replace and an exact match to what you have is time consuming.
Appearance – having your carpets scheduled for cleaning helps maintain the original look and luster of your carpet.

Reduction of Allergies

Having your carpets steam cleaned will remove pollutants and help maintain a more sterile, friendly breathing environment.

Will you remove all my stains?

Working on the removal of spots and stains on your carpets is part of our general cleaning plan. A spot is any foreign material that is removable by standard cleaning methods. A stain- is a foreign material on carpet that is not usually removable by standard cleaning methods. Some stains may be very difficult or impossible to remove. We will work to remove stains or reduce them with our gained history of cleaning.

Using the best products , we will work to industry standards to remove as many spots/stains as possible. There are many variables that will determine weather a spot/stain will release. Prior spotting attempts, abrasion, deteriorated protectant applications and the overall general condition of the carpet. Also spot/stain content is a factor. For these reasons no cleaner can guarantee all spots/stains can be removed.

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