4 Terrible Cleaning Blunders That Can Curtail the Shelf-Life of Your Carpet

Carpet acts as a centrepiece and elevates the visual appeal of a property only if it’s maintained in top-notch condition. However, regular exposure to dirt, stains, oil and grease wear away the lustre and make your carpet look outdated before the expected time. While you may consider DIY carpet cleaning to be a wise choice to save your pricey masterpiece from damage, practically speaking, it won’t yield the desired result if it lacks professional touch. Moreover, DIY carpet cleaning fetches potential risks of breakage of fabrics if it’s done in an inappropriate manner.

In order to avoid significant damages and prolong the lifespan of your decorative masterpiece, here are top 4 carpet cleaning blunders you should always avoid.

Scrubbing Stains Vigorously

Stains are pesky carpet chores that not only look unsightly but damage your carpet fabrics permanently if not treated in a professional manner. Unfortunately, homeowners who undertake the job of carpet cleaning in Hawthorn on their own simply out of sheer excitement lacks expertise of treating stubborn carpet stains and scrub the affected areas vigorously which causes stains to further penetrate the padding. Moreover, vigorous scrubbing causes fibres to fray and ruins the lustre and shine of your carpet for a lifetime.

Letting Food Spills to Settle on Fabrics

Carpet is a delicate centrepiece and hence, any damage should be addressed immediately. Food spills are likely to happen at times when you are in a hurry but leaving them untreated for long can surely be one of the biggest blunders you could ever make! The longer you delay the process of removing a stain, the more you allow stains to get absorbed into the padding and eventually make your carpet prone to damage. Also, this can encourage formation of spots, odour and sometimes mould growth which can prove to be detrimental to health.

Incorrectly Using a Deodorising Powder

Even though deodorising powders can make your carpet smell fresh, however, they aren’t a substitute for cleaning. Some deodorising powders can even be sticky and lead to a sticky build-up over time if vacuuming is not done properly. So, it’s always better to turn down the idea of deodorising your carpet if you lack professional expertise in the job. Instead, seek help from experts who are experienced in offering specialised carpet cleaning treatments and can restore your costly masterpiece to its former glory in no time.

Using Hazardous Chemicals to Clean

Chemicals are prime culprits behind outdated and filthy carpets and therefore, you should stay away from using hazardous chemicals during carpet cleaning in Hawthorn. Homeowners who lack knowledge apply toxic chemicals without checking the chemical composition and end up causing significant damages to their centrepiece. Strong chemicals not only ruins the lustre of the top-most layer of carpet but also damage the mushy feel which can’t be restored otherwise.

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Smart Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Dents During Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of how much you have splurged on installing a decorative carpet at home, you are bound to discover spooky dents when you move a piece of furniture that has been resting on your carpet for months. These pesky dents are nothing but are visible indentations as a result of constant pressure exerted by bulk furniture such as sofa sets and may seem irreversible at first sight. However, if you come across any such indentations there’s nothing to fret as you can remove them with a few easy hacks.

Cover Dents With Sufficient Ice Cubes

The first and foremost thing you should do before taking the plunge of carpet cleaning in Brighton is identify the affected areas and cover the surface using sufficient ice cubes. Depending upon the size and type of your carpet fabrics, you might have to leave ice cubes for several hours to rest on the carpet.

Wipe off Excess Moisture

Once the ice melts completely, dab your carpet gently with a clean and dry towel to remove excess moisture.

Next, use your fingers to puff the affected fibres and make it even with the surrounding surface. Vacuuming over the affected spots is the best way to scrape off moisture from the carpet and you will find carpet fibres standing tall as it was before.

Alternative Ways to Get Rid of Carpet Dents

Not always you will have ice cubes ready at home. If this is the case, no need to fret. There are plenty of ways by which you can get rid of carpet dents without breaking a sweat. Get hold of a steam iron and apply on the spooky dents or else, you can use a spray bottle and blow-dry to puff the affected fibres.

Get Hold of a Steam Iron

Using steam iron to remove carpet dents is considered the best option by far and is extremely effective during carpet cleaning in Brighton. Fill your iron with sufficient water and adjust its settings. Hold your iron at least 6-7 inches above the dents to ensure you are not scorching your pricey masterpiece while applying steam at a consistent amount. Once your carpet becomes fairly hot and has absorbed the moisture, you can proceed to puff the fibres and then vacuum at last.

Equip Yourself With a Spray Bottle & Blow Dryer

A spray bottle and blow dryer work together to provide warmth and moisture in equal proportion on carpet dents and make the affected fibres stand up and come to a level with the surrounding area. At first, spray on the dents to soften the spot and then adjust your blow dryer to highest settings and apply it directly on the dents until your carpet becomes fairly hot.

While it may seem difficult and a nerve-wracking experience to fight carpet dents, the process isn’t going to be challenging if you follow these smart tricks. However, if you lack time or confidence, professional carpet cleaners are always there at your help.

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