DIY Carpet Cleaning Vs. Professional Cleaners- What’s Better?

Homeowners often face a dilemma while deciding upon whether to appoint professionals for carpet cleaning or execute the task single-handedly. Now, the choice depends upon several factors. While some consider it to be wise to delegate the task to professionals, others skip the idea and take the plunge alone in order to save a couple of bucks, being completely unaware of the costly damages they may end up with.

While comparing between DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning, the latter has always weighed high on certain parameters. Even if you consider yourself to be a cleaning perfectionist, you may end up making mistakes while choosing the cleaning tools and detergents required for your individual carpet fabric and type and cause severe damages to your pricey masterpiece. Carpet fibers are delicate and a slight mishandling can break the fabrics apart and may even result in discoloration. If you are a perfectionist and have splurged a hefty amount in buying a decorated carpet for your home, of course, you won’t let that happen!

Another reason that makes DIY carpet cleaning a strict NO-NO choice is the skills and knowledge required for analysing the nature of damages and treating them using specialised truck-mounted equipment. Pesky carpet chores such as coffee stains, sticky pet dander, make up spills are challenging to remove and require high-quality carpet cleaning in Hawthorn which is not a job of amateurs. Moreover, operating professional tools and equipment aren’t a layman’s take. So all these necessitates hiring professional carpet cleaners who knows the tricks of handling and treating carpet damages with care and restore the former glory of carpets without breaking a sweat.

What Are the Additional Perks of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Investing in professional carpet cleaning services has got you covered with many value-added benefits.

It saves your money from buying premium cleaning supplies, high-value equipment and also reduces downtime. You don’t have to waste your weekend or holidays in a carpet cleaning job by delegating the task to trusted hands. While professionals will deep clean your carpet, you can concentrate on your official work or household activities with peace of mind.

The next benefit of appointing certified carpet pro’s is that you can avail the facility of insurance coverage. In the event of any mishap that may occur during carpet cleaning in Brighton, you will get full compensation for the losses incurred and won’t have to bear a single expense from your pocket.

Thirdly, professional carpet cleaning services aren’t time-consuming and take a few hours depending upon the nature and extent of damages. However, amateurs who lack knowledge in the domain and undertake the job simply out of sheer excitement, fail to analyse the severity of the damage and apply wrong treatments, thereby end up wasting time, effort and money.

At Feel Fresh Cleaning Services, we boast of providing high-quality carpet cleaning in Brighton and Hawthorn at a budgeted price. Our team comprises of adept professionals who have solid industry experience and remove dirt, stains, oil and grime from deep inside the fabrics to restore the original glory of your fabrics. If you are dealing with an outdated carpet and want to make it look as good as new, call us today and book an appointment at the lowest quote!

5 Surprising Health Benefits of a Professionally Deep Cleaned Home

A neat and clean home not only improves the visual appeal of your space but keep germs and allergens at bay. Dirt and debris carried by shoes, clothes and pet paws contaminate your home and trigger the potential of severe health hazards. If you have elderly members residing with you or patients suffering from asthma or other health ailments, a contaminated home can prove to be detrimental to their health and even result in loss of life at the worst.

So how important it is to clean your home? Have you ever wondered about the health benefits of a professionally deep cleaned home? If you haven’t yet given it a thought, this blog is for you.

A Clean Bedroom Leads to Better Sleep

Is it long since you have enjoyed a sound-sleep night? If you don’t fall asleep quickly unlike before, it might be due to a filthy mattress or germs embedded in your bedding that keeps on making you sneeze thereby, interrupting both your sleep and peace of mind. Professionally deep cleaned bedding can lead to better sleep and make you feel fresh and energetic the next morning.

Clutter-Free Space Improves Mental Health

A cluttered and clumsy space leaves a negative impact on your mind and affects your thought process. Moreover, an unkempt home contributes to stress, anxiety and depression and over time, your brain becomes overwhelmed and you stop to think freely. To avoid the adverse effects of clutter on mental health, schedule a weekly house cleaning in Brighton that can help you focus better, calm your mind and lift both your mood and spirit.

Deep Cleaned Home Reduce Seasonal Allergies

Whether you are prone to outdoor allergies, skin infections or air pollutants such as dust, pet dander and pollens, a pristine clean home can reduce seasonal allergenic symptoms and lower chances of frequent health ailments. Outdoor contaminants such as pollens and mould can get trapped in feet and clothing and if left untreated for long, can wreck havoc on your sinuses, leaving you itchy, red-eyed and infectious. Regular vacuuming with high-powered filter can trap surface contaminants and control spread of bacteria, mould and allergens, thereby making your home a germ-free haven.

Clean Home Lead to Healthy Food Choices

How important is house cleaning in Brighton? It’s a well-known fact that clutter, dirty and filthy home increases your stress level and compel you to make poor food choices, whereas, a clutter-free home lead to healthy eating choices and improve your lifestyle. A grungy kitchen is no fun to cook and fetches the risk of severe health ailments and so, it’s important to deep clean your home by professional experts in order to lead a healthy and hygienic life.

Routine Clean Up Saves Money in the Long Run

Have you ever wondered about how routine house cleaning can save your pockets in the long run? Well, staying on top of routine house cleaning task can be cost-effective in many ways:

  • When you deep clean home at frequent intervals, dirt and grease don’t get a chance to stick to floors and you can save your pockets from splurging on premium cleaning products to eradicate them.
  • Cleaning surfaces that are more likely to develop dirt and stains can mitigate the risks of floor damages and help you maintain their lustre and finish for decades without opting for costly upgrades.
  • Keeping appliances clean and dirt-free can maximise their work efficiency and extend their lifespan.

If you haven’t yet scheduled a house cleaning job, you are risking both the health of your property and family members.

At Feel Fresh Cleaning Services, we comprise of a team of highly-skilled, professional and certified cleaners who have years of industry experience in house cleaning in Brighton and make your property pristine clean and spotless using state-of-the-art tools and equipment at a reasonable quote. Regardless of the size and condition of your property, we make your house pristine clean within a stipulated timeline and mitigate the risk of damages and injuries to your property. Call us today and discuss your tailored needs. We will get back to you with a free quote instantly.