DIY Carpet Cleaning Vs. Professional Cleaners- What’s Better?

Homeowners often face a dilemma while deciding upon whether to appoint professionals for carpet cleaning or execute the task single-handedly. Now, the choice depends upon several factors. While some consider it to be wise to delegate the task to professionals, others skip the idea and take the plunge alone in order to save a couple of bucks, being completely unaware of the costly damages they may end up with.

While comparing between DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning, the latter has always weighed high on certain parameters. Even if you consider yourself to be a cleaning perfectionist, you may end up making mistakes while choosing the cleaning tools and detergents required for your individual carpet fabric and type and cause severe damages to your pricey masterpiece. Carpet fibers are delicate and a slight mishandling can break the fabrics apart and may even result in discoloration. If you are a perfectionist and have splurged a hefty amount in buying a decorated carpet for your home, of course, you won’t let that happen!

Another reason that makes DIY carpet cleaning a strict NO-NO choice is the skills and knowledge required for analysing the nature of damages and treating them using specialised truck-mounted equipment. Pesky carpet chores such as coffee stains, sticky pet dander, make up spills are challenging to remove and require high-quality carpet cleaning in Hawthorn which is not a job of amateurs. Moreover, operating professional tools and equipment aren’t a layman’s take. So all these necessitates hiring professional carpet cleaners who knows the tricks of handling and treating carpet damages with care and restore the former glory of carpets without breaking a sweat.

What Are the Additional Perks of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Investing in professional carpet cleaning services has got you covered with many value-added benefits.

It saves your money from buying premium cleaning supplies, high-value equipment and also reduces downtime. You don’t have to waste your weekend or holidays in a carpet cleaning job by delegating the task to trusted hands. While professionals will deep clean your carpet, you can concentrate on your official work or household activities with peace of mind.

The next benefit of appointing certified carpet pro’s is that you can avail the facility of insurance coverage. In the event of any mishap that may occur during carpet cleaning in Brighton, you will get full compensation for the losses incurred and won’t have to bear a single expense from your pocket.

Thirdly, professional carpet cleaning services aren’t time-consuming and take a few hours depending upon the nature and extent of damages. However, amateurs who lack knowledge in the domain and undertake the job simply out of sheer excitement, fail to analyse the severity of the damage and apply wrong treatments, thereby end up wasting time, effort and money.

At Feel Fresh Cleaning Services, we boast of providing high-quality carpet cleaning in Brighton and Hawthorn at a budgeted price. Our team comprises of adept professionals who have solid industry experience and remove dirt, stains, oil and grime from deep inside the fabrics to restore the original glory of your fabrics. If you are dealing with an outdated carpet and want to make it look as good as new, call us today and book an appointment at the lowest quote!

BE WARNED: These 5 Items Produce The Worst Carpet Stains

Regardless of how your home set-up is, your carpets are the 1st things your filthy feet touches on stepping in. Your pricey carpets most likely cover the living floor space, your bedroom area, your dining, and so on.

Considering the amount of square footage your carpets covers, it is only a matter of time when you drop something and causes a stain which isn’t so easy to remove.

As unfortunate as it may sound, but some of the worse offenders known to produce stubborn stains lie throughout your home. And, here you will learn all about them in details.

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Approximately 85% of Australians; cannot start their mornings until they’ve consumed 1 (or even 2) cups of coffee. But, it is also the time when most Aussies are the groggiest, and that creates an opportunity for accidental spills to happen.

Once dried, these coffee stains sink deep into your carpet surface and become very difficult to remove. Best, what you can do is blot as much coffee as you can immediately after spilling.

It won’t prevent the inevitable, but it will at least reduce the damage caused.

Grape Products (like red wine/grape juice):-

Who doesn’t love red wine?

Whether its the holidays, X-mas, anniversary or even a casual get-together, red wine is a standard beverage for all of them.

However, if spilt, especially on your bright-coloured carpets, then it can stain your carpets badly. Even grapes very effectively manipulate pigments of whatever surface they touch. Due to this characteristic; the early pilgrims used it to produce cloth dye.

But that was then, and in this present day; ensure you don’t spill grape juice/red wine over your expensive home carpets. They dry off quickly and once settled can be very tough to be rid off.

Tomato Soup, Puree, Paste & Other Based Products:-

You know what grapes can do. Well, tomatoes aren’t any different! Be it ketchup, paste or even soup, tomato, they have an impressive staying power whenever it comes in contact with your carpet surface.

Accidentally spilling it will leave behind a tough red-stain. And, no matter how much you rub over it or use dishwashing detergents, the darn thing will cease to disappear.


Everyone knows bleach is one powerful tool which is meant to keep your white clothes, whiter- (at least that’s what everyone believes)!

But, if you accidentally spill bleach over your carpet (which is other than pure white), it will produce stains which is legendary! So, rather than taking any risks with such products; it is advised to keep them locked away in a far-off utility kitchen closet.

Facial Make-Up Items:-

Facial make-up products are made to alter the lustre and shade of your worn-out skin. But let this be a forewarning- these make-up products such as wax products, lipstick/lip gloss or even eye-liners can produce dire and difficult-to-remove carpet stains.

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Feel Fresh Cleaning Services offers you deep carpet cleaning using top-quality cleaning equipment and toxic-free detergents to make your precious carpets/rugs, spotless!

We perform a thorough inspection of your stained carpet and employ the appropriate cleaning technique to guarantee the desired results. Our carpet cleaners are experienced, adhere to the best cleaning standards and always deliver you 100% satisfaction.

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