Avoid These Mistakes While Cleaning Tiles and Grout in Your Home

While cleaning the tiles and grout in your home, you need to follow the right procedures if you want to restore the shine. Otherwise, you might not achieve the results that you wish to see. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you are not making the common mistakes while cleaning since they can provide you with undesired results.

If you are in Mernda, Richmond or any other suburb of Melbourne, you can call professional tile and grout cleaners to do the job for you. They have all the tools required to restore cleanliness, and they work attentively. That way, you can save money and energy.

Anyway, now let us delve into the cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid.

1) Hard Scrubbing

If you are carrying out tile and grout cleaning in Mernda or any other Melbourne suburb, you should not scrub the tiles in your home too much. It can cause damage to the tiles as well as the grout.

You can however use a soft cloth and mops. But you should never use scrubbing powders, steel wool or any other rough materials.

2) Applying Chemicals

While cleaning the tile and grout, never use ammonia-based cleaners or bleach as they will lead to discolouration over time. This can happen gradually or the damage can be quick. So, it’s better to use a mild all-purpose cleaner such as vinegar and washing soda, but not soap.

Another good cleaning solution that you can use is white vinegar since it is a natural solution that is very effective against stains. It also removes the dirt and grease build-up on the surface without damaging the tile and grout. Apart from this, sodium carbonate with hot water can also give you fantastic results.

3) Not Cleaning the Spills Immediately

Your tile and grout cleaning in Richmond or any other Melbourne suburb will become easier if you clean the spills immediately.
Naturally, no tile is stain proof. Moreover, if you leave them on the surface for too long, they will get adhered to the surface and removing them will become difficult. Also, they will gradually lead to discolouration.

4) Not Removing Dirt from the Tiles

Similar to that of the spills, you need to remove dirt from the tiles and grout because they can accumulate and get adhered to the surface if there is humidity. This will cause stains which will make the floors look unappealing. So, leaving them to sit on the surface for too long is a mistake. And to avoid it, clean them frequently using a vacuum cleaner.

5) Over-Cleaning the Tiles and Grout

When it comes to cleaning tiles and grout in your Mernda or Richmond home or any other Melbourne suburb, make sure you are not over-washing them.
You must not use an overly wet mop to clean the tiles, and even if you do, make sure to dry them before using the surface. Otherwise, you might end up with stains and mould growth that originates from moisture in the surfaces.

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A Few Tile and Grout Cleaning Procedures Used by Professionals

Cleaning grout can be quite difficult because it is a porous item that is very much prone to staining and is easily affected by grime, dirt, grease etc. Additionally, in the bathroom, accumulated grease can grime can lead to the growth of mould and mildew and when this happens, you will need to call professional cleaners in Richmond who will use a variety of techniques to clean the tile and grout.

So, let us now see the procedures involved that the professionals use.

1) Using Stifled Brush Along with Warm Water

The cleaners providing the tile and grout cleaning in Richmond will use a stifled brush for the procedure along with warm water. So, if you are planning a DIY, you can get one too from a local hardware store.

The professionals will spray the water edges of the grout and use the brush in a circular motion to remove the dirt and grime. And when it’s clean, they will let it dry.

2) Using Vinegar Along with Warm Water

If the stains are deeper and caused due to heavier dirt, the professionals will use vinegar and warm water in the cleaning service. They will mix the vinegar with the warm water and will spray the solution on the grout. And after four to five minutes when the dirt and grime loosens, they will remove them using the stifled brush.

3) Spraying Vinegar Along with Baking Soda

Another procedure that is being used by the cleaners is applying water and baking soda on the grout lines. After the application, they spray vinegar on it to loosen the accumulated dirt and grease and leave it for a few minutes after which they use plain water and brush to remove them.

4) Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

A professional tile and grout cleaning company in Richmond will mainly use hydrogen peroxide to clean moderate stains. This is an easily available chemical that is mixed with baking soda to make a paste.

This paste is applied to the grout lines and after leaving them for a while, they are removed with the brush as usual absorbing the accumulated grime with it.

5) The Bleaching Method

This method is used when there the stains are harder to remove.

The professionals use oxygen bleach that is easily available as a powder in hardware stores. They first make sure that the area is clean and airy around. Then, they leave the bleaching powder for around 15 minutes and then rinse with plain water which instantly removes the dirt from the edges of the grout.

6) Using Chlorine Bleach

Another cleaning solution is the chlorine bleach that is very effective against accumulated dirt and grime. It has the power to remove very deep stains caused by accumulated dirt that are hard to clean.

The professionals use the chlorine bleach in the same way as they apply the oxygen bleach for achieving the best results.

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